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Real Estate Market Munich 2019


I. Advance information:

I have written this article for property owners who want to generally inform themselves about property prices in Munich, Germany. As a real estate agent I have personally seen about 5.000 houses, apartments or plots of land. On a daily basis I work with different “tools” to be able to determine the sales prices or square meter prices as exactly as possible. The now following general overview of course cannot replace an accurate property valuation, but it can provide a good orientation. All sales prices, square meter prices etc. specified below are average values.
I’d be glad if this information was helpful for you. In case of any topic specific questions feel free to contact me at any time.


II. Real estate prices in Munich, offer prices, 1st and 2nd quarter 2019:

This is about advertising prices in real estate advertisements. What was the average price for a used terrace house and what was the average living space? These are not necessarily the finally obtained selling prices. The quantity of offers I have intentionally omitted here to avoid an excess of figures.

Real estate prices Munich – used houses: Single family houses, average 200 m² living space, cost around 1.68 million EUR. Semi-detachted houses with on average 160 m² were at about 1.16 million EUR, mid-terrace houses with 123 m² at around 870.000 EUR, end terrace houses with 134 m² on average were also at ca. 935.000 EUR.

Real estate prices Munich – new houses: New single family houses, average 175 m², cost ca. 1.42 million EUR, new semi-detached houses, 178 m², cost around 1.37 million EUR. New mid terrace houses had 135 m² living space on average and cost 1 Mio. EUR, new end terrace houses with 156 m² cost around 1.1 Mio. EUR.

Real estate prices Munich – apartments: At this point it is not worthwhile to examine the total prices of 1 to 5 room apartments and to deduce average values. The here relevant values are the prices per square meter which are covered later in this article.

Real estate prices Munich – land sale: In general most of the advertised lots were designated for building single family houses. The average surface was about 750 m² with a price at 1.7 million EUR. The lot size for semi detached houses with 725 m² in average amounted to about 1.53 million EUR. Lots for multi-family houses statistically had 745 m² in size and cost about 3 million EUR.


III. Key statistic: Price per square meter Munich, offer prices:

Prices per square meter Munich, house sale offers, advance information:

A house price generally consists of three components:

a. the land price

b. the building value/price

c. supply and demand

While in case of apartments the price per square meter is THE implement for price orientation it is not in case of house prices. 150 m² living space on a 300 m² lot or 150 m² living space on a 600 m² lot result in different end prices and thus different prices per square meter living space. The now following values correlate to this precondition:

Prices per square meter Munich, used houses: mid-terrace and end terrace houses in average were at about 7.000 – 7.500 EUR per m², semi-detached houses at about 7.900 EUR in average and single family houses at about 8.700 EUR per square meter living space.

Prices per square meter Munich, new houses: Here mid-terrace and end terrace houses were at about 7.500 EUR alltogether, semi-detached houses at about 8.250 EUR and single-family houses at about 8.500 EUR per m². Some readers may be surprised that new houses are not considerably more expensive or even “cheaper” than the above mentioned used houses, and here is why: Houses in the new building segment ordinarily have smaller than older houses and that reduces the overall price per square meter living space.

Square meter prices Munich – apartments (without new objects): On average these amounted to about 8.150 EUR/m², apartments with a garden generally cost 8.500 EUR/m², rooftop apartments around 9.200 EUR/m², penthouses ca. 9.800 EUR/m². Also maisonettes with about 8.400 EUR/m² were a little above average.

Square meter prices Munich – new apartments: Here the average ranged at ca. 9.600 EUR/m². Of course penthouses and the like were more expensive and ranged at nearly 12.00 €UR/m².

Square meter prices for lots of land in Munich: The offering prices ranged at about 2.500 EUR per square meter (lots for single family houses), at 2.100 EUR per square meter (semi-detached houses) and at 3.500 EUR per square meter (multi-family houses).


IV. Official sales figures and prices for actual, i. e. notarial certified sales in 2018:

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Advance Information:

a) The best price overview comes from the annual report of the Munich advisory committee. This market report contains about 70 pages with figures, statistics and comments on the real estate market Munich. It can be ordered for 70 EUR at the Gutachterauschuss München, Implerstr. 9, 81371 München (German only).

b) The herein mentioned square meter prices are indicative only which means that +/- 20 % price difference are absolutely possible. Especially when it comes to highly sought after objects 50 % difference upwards are quite possible.

Apartments: The currently relevant statistic from 2018 embraces 40 values which are arranged per year of construction, location and object type. As a guiding value for frequently encountered apartments in Munich are here two rough values for the construction year range 1960 to 1969:

On the one hand mid-level residential location: approx. 5.600 EUR/m², on the other hand good residential area: 6.800 EUR/m².

For new apartments in mid-level residential areas square meter prices of 7.800 EUR/m² were paid on average, in good residential areas 8.400 EUR/m².

Houses: New semi-detached houses cost approx. 9.500 EUR per square meter living space, used objects were mostly between € 7.200 und 8.250 EUR per square meter depending of year of construction. A look on the final selling prices shows ca. 1.24 Mio. EUR for new semi-detached houses and 970.000 EUR for used houses. Used Mid-terrace and end terrace houses ordinarily ranged between 6.500 and 8.250 EUR/m², new ones between 8.000 and 9.100 EUR/m². The selling prices largely ranged between 745.000 and 940.000 EUR. Single family houses differ in a larger scale and must be individually valuated.

Land prices Munich: In 2018 the prices per square meter amounted to around 1.900 EUR in mid-level residential areas, to around 2.500 EUR in good residential areas.

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V. History and general cityscape:

The Bavarian federal capital Munich with over 1.4 million inhabitants is the largest city in Bavaria. A first documented mention of it is found in the year 1158. The most likely origin of the name Munich dates back to the Old High German „Munih“ (monk) and refers to a branch of monks of a monastery, which allegedly settled here. 1255 Munich became the Bavarian ducal seat and was by 1328 an imperial residence. In 1506 it was the sole capital of Bavaria. At the end of the 18th century Munich grew rapidly. In 1700 Munich had 24,000 inhabitants. In the following years, the population doubled every 30 years. 1871, 170,000 people lived in Munich, in 1933 there were already 840,000. During the Second World War, Munich was heavily damaged. The reconstruction was largely based on the historic townscape. Subsequently Munich grew into a high-tech location and a large number of service providers settled here, such as banks, insurance companies and media. For the Olympic Games in 1972, public transportation has been greatly expanded with underground and commuter trains (S-Bahn), which partly reach out far into the surrounding areas. In Munich, numerous national and international authorities, corporations and insurance companies are established, as well as universities and notable theaters and museums. Economically, Munich is one of the most successful metropolises in Germany as well as one of the fastest growing.

VI. About the author Rainer Fischer:

Started his activities as an estate agent in 1992. Since then he sold about 900 properties with his real estate agency and personally inspected several thousand properties and assessed the values. In 2008 the idea arose to share the know-how gained in many years with people interested in real estate issues via a website. In the past 6 years more than 2.000 hours of research, evaluation time and paperwork have been invested in this project. Rainer Fischer: „There are certainly good books and articles on the topic ‘Property in Munich’. It is my goal to step by step build a website which provides as much know-how as possible and answers questions raised by practice. This is carried out in addition to my normal work and it gives me a lot of pleasure. Real estate is just an interesting topic.“

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VII. Sources:

Wikipedia;; Determination of housing prices, land prices and square meter prices by Rainer Fischer, real estate broker for Munich, based on data of IMV Market Data GmbH (LLC). Statistics and analysis of housing prices and land prices are based on the Annual Report 2018 from the official Munich committee of valuation experts. The Real Estate Report does not allow qualified valuation of individual property prices as this would be done by an expert or real estate agent from Munich. A liability for the consistency and completeness of the report is excluded.

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VIII. PDF-Downloads:

Statistics for real estate prices and square meter prices in Munich
(German only; figures not absolutely true, due to double counting included in the figures):

Real Estate Statistics Munich – June 2017
Real Estate Statistics Munich – May 2016
Real Estate Statistics Munich – January 2016
Real Estate Statistics Munich – September 2015
Real Estate Statistics Munich – September 2014
Real Estate Statistics Munich – February 2014
Real Estate Statistics Munich – September 2013

Older Market Reports:

Real Estate Market Report for Munich, Germany 2014


Property prices and prices per square meter for the property market in Munich, September 2013 – September 2014

Written by Rainer Fischer, real estate agent, Munich

Real estate prices for house sales in Munich:
Since last year in September 2013 about 4,200 sale offers for existing houses and 1,420 for new homes were registered. More than 80% of these were offered by real estate agents for Munich. Within the offers for existing homes there were about 1,500 offers for single family homes whereby the prices per square meter reached on average about 6,050 Euro. Let’s take an average family home in Munich: It had about 217 m² of living space and was offered for approximately 1.3 million Euro. In contrast, the semi-detached house prices were found on average around 900,000 Euro. The living space of a semi-detached house was ordinarily about 160 square meters, thus the prices per square meter resulted at around 5,700 Euro. In the categories terraced and terraced end house the prices per square meter were on average found at around 5,400 Euro. For multi-family houses the prices were at 4,800 Euro per square meter. As expected, the highest real estate prices were demanded for villas/bungalows with about 2.5 million Euro on average, the square meter price ranging at 8,600 Euro on average.
New buildings: With about 600 objects semi-detached houses accounted for the largest part in the offers of new houses, followed by single family houses with about 300 objects. Compared to prices per square meter, new single-family homes and semi-detached houses were about at the same level than existing houses. The same is true for existing and new terrace and terrace end houses. The prices per square meter for new multi-family houses were significantly above that with 6,450 Euro on average, the same is valid for new villas/bungalows which reached 10,500 Euro per square meter in average.

Real estate prices for apartment sales in Munich:
More than 23,000 sales offers for apartments have been advertised by real estate agents, developers and owners during last year. About ¼ of these offers related to new buildings built after 2013. There were about 15,000 offers for existing apartments and condos that were advertised without further specifications. The average real estate prices reached values of about 440,000 Euro in this category. On average, such a condominium was about 80 m² large with a square meter price of 5,600 Euro. Condos with garden reached an average square meter price to 6200 Euro. Maisonettes were at about 6,100 Euro per square meter, rooftop apartments approximately at 7,700 Euro and penthouses at around 8,000 Euro.
Most of the about 6,700 newly built apartments also referred to around 5,600 condos that were not further specified within the advertisements. On average these condos scored prices around 6,450 Euro per square meter. The property prices for 90 m² living space were around 580,000 Euro. For new condos with garden the prices per square meter ranged at about 6,000 Euro on average, for maisonettes it was about 7,000 €, new rooftop apartments were offered at an average of almost 6,500 Euro/m² and new homes in the category penthouse ranged at the top with on average 8,500 Euro/m².


Rainer Fischer, Real Estate Broker for Munich

Sale of land and land prices Munich:
Approximately 800 lots were offered by owners and real estate agents. On average, the price per square meter for a lot that was intended to build a family house was at around 1,500 Euro. However, since size and location vary widely, this can only be a rough guide. On average a lot was offered at a sales price of 1.4 million Euro.

Property sales in Munich,
actual sales figures 2013:
Overall, the general rise of prices in Munich continues. For example, prices of about 5,550 Euro per square meter were actually paid on average for existing semi-detached houses. New semi-detached houses achieved an average of 5,950 Euro, which is about 15 % above the previous year. For existing terrace houses an average square meter price of 4,750 Euro was registered, the price for new properties was here at 5,250 Euro/m². For newly built condos the average price per square meter that buyers actually paid was on average 5,250 Euro in mid-level residential locations and 6,400 Euro/m² in good locations of Munich. These figures represent of course only the mean value, on a specific object the prices can of course significantly vary.



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